2 weeks late..

We were promised a meet and greet with Fergie, so I left my laptop with the rest of the blogging team and went backstage. While there waiting, I saw a friend of mine who works with them who gave me all access passes. In the excitement I forgot my laptop with the bloggers and couldn’t blog while BEP were on stage…sorry!

Of course, they were amazing. I’m not biased. It’s the truth. Definitely stole the show from everyone else who had been on the stage that day. I even liked their little olay olay olay olay (though Fergie’s added ‘uh-oh, uh-oh’ was irritating as hell). will.i.am performed a freestyle of “we need peace in the middle east” which was rather amazing. As was his repeated stories of how much he loved Israel. To sum it up, I’ll type up lyrics to his rendition of Hotel California:

Whatsup Israel?

Hello everybody!

My name is Will

I’ve been thinking about moving to Israel

I’m Christian – but I’d convert to a Jew

Just so I could marry somebody as pretty as you

I really love, LOVE Israel

Such a lovely place, such a lovely place

I’m moving outta America and moving to Israel

Can’t believe my eyes, I’m in paradise

After the show, he was talking to some kids who moved there from Canada and told them that Israel and Brazil are his favorite places in the world – quite a feat if you consider the fact that he has travelled worldwide! But I can’t blame him..



So. The Commitments are on stage. The dude yelled “You have the best looking people I’ve ever seen in Israel”..I sat there thinking to myself “you’re Irish..your land is reportedly filled with small, frail,  ginger women..of course this is a step up from that!” (Just kidding, Irish readers). However, they’re right. Israel is notoriously filled with good looking people.  Look at Pnina Rosenblum..that women is the epitome of beauty.  Kidding, kidding. I’m sure she’s hot. For…you know.  Middle aged guys.

The Commitments have the crowd going..the singers have got unbelievable lungs…their voices are amazing! Kinda jealous. I’ve always wished I could sing. They keep alternating singers. I like the brunette lady, she’s fierce. And her outfit is cute too. Just saying. ANYWAY. On to the music. It’s not my cup of tea but I can still appreciate it as good music. It’s kind of like Big Band music. They seem pretty ecstatic to be in Israel. Speaking of ectasy, there are some pretty funny characters dancing here. I’m half tempted to video their moves, but I fear they’ll see my camera aimed at them and in return, shoot me. If anyone is reading this live, look at the XL energy drink statue thingy…there is a line of very…how can I say it…ENTHUSIASTIC dancers there. They’re awesome. Take a look.

Hadag Nachash are on stage…

Hey guys..live here from JRocks! Excuse my typos,I actually can’t see what I’m writing, the sun is strong here!


So an Israeli band are live on stage right now..They’re called Hadag Nachash. Now…I’m not gonna lie. I have never heard of these people before in my 17 years of existence. But they’re actually pretty good. They’re energetic for one thing, and they’ve certainly got the growing crowd going. Their music sounds like a hebrew BEP, so I guess I’m biased from the start, but I do like the sound of it. The instruments are great, they have a live band playing the sax etc. so really, what you see is what you get, they’re completely live.



Around the venue, I have spotted around 25 men with dredlocks. I’m not even exagurating. Don’t ask why it’s of significance..its just odd to me, so I thought it was worth mentioning. I have never seen so many dreds in one place..its almost like a hippy convention. The atmosphere here is pretty chill, the venue isn’t full yet. I’ve met about 5 billion Americans who are here to support Israel – coincidentally, one of the missions of this show. Mission accomplished. It’s good to be here, I’m really looking forward to the Black Eyed Peas. In London on thursday I attended an album showcase for will.i.am’s solo album, Songs About Girls. Other audience members included Wyclef Jean, Naomi Campbell, and Jamie Callum. The songs he performed were unbelievable, as were his back up singers/dancers who are forming a group of their own..look out for his performance! I think it’ll steal the show…


There is now a group of men jumping on stage in a really amusing manner. Others in the audience are accepting this is normal, so I guess its normal in israel?…Now the audience are joining in! It’s like a moshpit..Jeez. Cool that they got the audience going to that extent though. Pretty sure the guy is rapping in Arabic. If anything, he jumps higher than the rest. Good for him. On another side note, it is also really funny seeing my fellow bloggers dancing while bouncing a laptop up and down, filming hadag nachash..


Ok, I am attaching some pictures of the group on stage and a photo of will and I in London on thursday..excuse my face, it has been known to crack computer screens on more than one occasion..


Live Blogging From Jerusalem Rocks

Hello all Jerusalem Rocks fans!

Just wanted you to know that if all goes well, you will be able to be part of the event even if you are not there! We are going to have a blogger in the Audience that will blog live at the event – so tune in to this blog and enjoy the event!

Kfir Pravda

Charles MC – Jerusalem Rocks and some inside gossip…

I’m so excited that the Black Eyed Peas and Arrested Development are coming to Jerusalem Rocks!  The BEPs are awesome, and Arrested Development is one of my favorite groups from the early 90s: Mr. Wendel, People Everyday, and Tennessee shaped my youth experience.

I don’t know much about the Commitments or about Irish rock, so my horizons will be opening.

I’ve got to admit, though, I’m most excited for the BEPs.  They put on an amazing show!  Even better, they like to hang out with their fans.


Last year, before the BEPs performed, Will.i.am, Taboo, and Apl.de.ap went to a bunch of clubs in Tel Aviv and hung out with fans.  They even invited a bunch of them back to the Dan Panorama afterward.

According to these sources, the guy BEPs were extremely angry that Fergie refused to come to Israel early with them.  She insisted on coming in the day of the concert and leaving immediately after.  She didn’t hang out with any fans, and there seemed to be tension between her and the male members of the group.  At one of the clubs, the BEPs hit “My Humps” came on.  The guys stopped dancing, sat down, scowled and said, “This is Fergie’s song.”

According to a few of these women, Fergie is very ugly in person, and has a face shriveled by her use of crystal meth (which she has previously admitted to using).

I’ll wait before I judge Fergie.  I’d like to see her live before I pass judgement.  She sure looks good in her music videos, and her new album rocks!

And if Will.i.am is as cool as everyone says he is, then he’s definitely chill enough to get the other guys to make peace with Fergie.

I can’t wait!

New Tickets Prices

Hello all, I’ve just got a note from the production team that new ticket prices are now available.  Tickets can now be bought for the price of 229 NIS and 249 NIS based on location at the stadium.

Hope to see you all there, on the 9th of September, in Jerusalem!

Confession of Black Eyed Peas Fan

So, first things first, an introduction. My name is Gabz (well..Gabriella), I’m 17 years old and live in London. I speak fluent English, Hebrew (my first language) and French. I’m both Israeli and British, but usually introduce myself as Israeli for kicks (yes, I’m that cool). I’m obsessed with music, and in a year will hopefully attend a college in America to study music management. My favorite band are the Black Eyed Peas ? you know, the band visiting Israel for a second time on September 9th. Hopefully you all already know the details of the show, but if not check out www.jerusalemrocks.com (or buy tickets now at www.hadran.co.il where VIP packages among regular tickets are available).

Last year, when the Peas came to perform, I saw them in Israel. I loved the BEP back when their second album, Bridging the Gap was released, years before Fergie joined and they became the wonder that they are now. There’s something about their live performances that I’m addicted to ? I’ve always challenged scientists who insist that energy cannot be created to attend a BEP concert and see for themselves; these 4 musicians create energy the minute they hit the stage.

Jerusalem Rocks will be my 17th time seeing them live since 2001. Quite a feat. Yet my favorite of the past 16 performances has to be the Bloomfield stadium in Tel Aviv on June 3rd of last year. There’s something about seeing 4 people I have grown to love in what I consider my home, and the fact that they fell in love with Israel just makes it better. When I spoke to their tour manager Bobby a few months later, he said that there were 3 audiences that the band considered their greatest ? South Africa, Australia, and Israel. That in itself makes me proud. I’ve been to concerts overseas, they’re great, but nobody is quite so enthusiastic as an Israeli crowd. Perhaps it’s the fact that not every day a multi-platinum selling band visits this beautiful country, so audiences feel more privileged. The same month as their Tel Aviv show, Ricky Martin pulled out of performing here out of fear. The fact that the Peas not only risked what the media had them think as a dangerous excursion, but are returning, shows a lot about their priorities.

I for one am excited to see them perform in Jerusalem ? especially will.i.am‘s solo performance (which not many have witnessed yet!) Having gotten to know the mind behind the hits, I can honestly say that will.i.am is one of the most real and honest people not only in the music business (rare ? trust me), but in the world, so for him to profess that Israel caused him to look into conversion to Judaism really shows what an experience the show will be.

See you guys in September!

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